Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas day.

Sitting around waiting for dinner ^^^

Dinner Begins ^^^

The lovely cupcakes that CP, Michaela and I made individually for everyone
 ( note some are missing due to consumption)

My chriskringle present off harry
 (2 packets of skittles, the most amazing cookies ever! & a joke necklace saying one of the young boys initials)

Dinner time again ^^^

360 time!

sorry i'm  a bit late but its been a pretty hectic couple of days.
Christmas I rode breckenridge till lunchtime then went home and got ready and helped out with everything.
Then we had christmas dinner and it was pretty good, I hadn't had roast ham since last christmas. It was so good. Boxing day, we had a sleep in and then went to see little fockers. It was pretty funny. Today we went riding and I wasn't quite in the mood , it was a cold snowing day and all my clothes were in the wash so I had no layers to wear. I got out and it was a pretty good day for park. By 3rd run I hit the last jump at park lane which means now i've hit every jump in park lane now :) after lunch time, I started  spinning 180s all ways. After half an hour of hiking I tried a backside 360 and stomped it. The next half an hour was spent styling my back 3's then off to front 1s and then frontside 360s. It was sooo good to be spinning again and I love it! I have some footage but I have to organise then ill get a little edit together.We have a night shoot soon so that should be super fun.

Peace Alex xoxox

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

competition day..

walking around breckenridge

Keystone again..

Hey guys,
We went to keystone again today. I was still pretty tired even though I had a day off yesterday but It wore off by 2nd run. I got a bit battered in the morning with first run tacoeing a rail and a few other stacks but In the end no harm done. I had a fun morning but after lunch was even funner. I got my front boardslides back and I now have front and back swivels on lock down. The afternoon was soooo fun and after we went to super target to by our christcringle presents... only 4 days now :) breckenridge riding tomorrow

lots of love alex :)

I havn't been putting up any photos so i'll put some up now. + I got alot of footage today that i'll get off my coach, make a little edit and put it up on here :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

my 1st run... faceplant

Competition day..

hey all,
Today was my first comp for the northern winter. With a 6am start and arriving at copper at 8 for registration. The comp started at 9:45 and I was at the end of the list so we waited inside for a while. My nerves were so bad cause I felt as if i had to win even though everyone kept reassuring me that was my first comp and my goal was just to do my best. The weather was horrible with hardly any visibility and I wasn't to keen on going out in the snow storm. I started practice and hiked a little. No stacks in practice and I was confident but I knew that is was very slow. Couple of hours of waiting around and my first run came. I had been watching and my googles had fogged slightly but just as I started to ride into the pipe with the visibility low and my googles totally fogged I couldn't even see where the pipe was, I did a good drop in and attempted my first hit which I later learned was pretty good for a blind women. On my 2nd hit I had no clue where I was and ended up face planting from the top of the lip it was a pretty funny stack and I recon i could send the footage into funniest home videos and win. My second run was so much better with borrowing my friend stephs googles and doing indy,melon,front 3, cab 3, nose, japan, front 3. I  was pretty happy but i knew I couldn't beat another girl who was doing cab 7s. All up it was a pretty good day and I'm glad I got my first comp over and done with.

Day off tomorrow,

love Alex xoxox

Friday, December 17, 2010

hey everyone,
Today I went to Copper for pipe training for my comp on sunday,
I started the day with the hour and a half bus to copper then first lap was alright. The next couple of runs were horrible and I figured out I was having a off day. A couple more runs went by and my runs weren't getting any better and I was only doing straight air no grabs. I figured after my great day yesterday this must be the opposite . I was nearly at the point of giving up and going home but I pushed on and finally after the 6th or 7th run , I got a good run in and decided to start working on my competition run. It is indy poke,melon,Front 360, cab 360, nose grab, japan :) It's the best run i've ever had and if one of my other competitors read this i'm in trouble haha. So I got my run down a couple of times and went into lunch then called the day on a good note. I caught the bus home and went to watch some aussies in the dew tour. I went home and my friend took me to yoga. At first i thought it was really good but then I found out it was expert  yoga and I was getting into some tricky stuff. I vowed If michaela ever took me to expert yoga again I would shoot her , I'm about to go for a nice hot tub then off to bed .

Tomorrow i'm going to denver with everyone for shopping . I'm not going to by much just browse around.

love alex

Thursday, December 16, 2010

best day so far!

hey guys , I thought i'd write a post before I fell asleep!!
Today was soooo good.. it was a picture perfect day with not a cloud in the sky and the sun was a bright as ever! I started the day good with hitting all 3 top jumps at parklane, breck .. then the bottom 3 but only missing out on the last jump. This was great for me no pain and back into big jumps again. I started trying 180s on the side run by 3rd or 4th run just to help me get my feet back and by the 5th run I was doing cab 180s off the 1st jump at parklane. This was soo exciting for me but by this time it was 12 and I had forgotten lunch and also forgot my card  and was pretty stoke with my morning efforts. So i decided to call the day with a couple of others cause I didn't want to push my limits. We went home had some lunch, got ready and went into breck. We walked around , got a coffee ( stupid steph .. I now like coffee) and went looking for nice jackets for me, and heath ,steph and michaela had other things to buy. I ended up buying a really nice jacket I can wear out at home and here. SOOO warm and soo nice , I also bought a breck jumper I had my eyes on last season but forgot to buy it.. By the time I had them and was very satisfied we kepted shopping and I was at the point of exhaustion. It's now 6pm and I'm very ready for bed! Just have to wait for dinner then I'm off to bed.

Had the best day was sooo great!

night night Alex xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey all, good news...
I jumped today for the first time since  I broke my back :)
It felt soooo good but a bit pain though thats the main thing.More jumping tomorrow hopefully then watching the dew tour on thursday i'm pretty stoked about getting to watch that..Today I was at breck till about 12 then off to copper to watch the girls rev tour, i got there to find that none of my friends were there and that the girls had finished by 10am. I'm really excited about tomorrow :)

peace xoxox

Monday, December 13, 2010

nothing special... just an awesome day at pipe!

Hey all,
What a day I have had, I went to copper today to ride pipe. I must say it was AWEESOMEEEEE!!! overly crowed but sooo awesome. I have always loved the copper pipe but now it is a 22ft pipe which makes it so much more fun. I wasn't always so enthused. I started the day off with an hour and a half trip to copper then I had to go get my copper pass. My hopes were high until I looked at the top of the pipe. There was legit 100 people at the top of the pipe waiting for there go, about 30 coaches at the bottom of the pipe and around 50 bi-standers along the pipe. I had forgotten, that it was Rev tour the next day and that it was a training session today. So I got my pass, Got on the chairlift and headed up to a perfect pipe! It was that hectic at the top of the pipe and I was literally nearly in tears on how hectic it was and how scared I was i was going to hurt myself. I was sooo scared I was thinking about skipping pipe and going home. I pushed through and did my first run. Not going in with much speed and getting air on my 3rd hit( not much but enough to get me excited) By the bottom of the run I had a smile from ear to ear , realising how much I love pipe . It wasn't long till I was back up the top waiting in the hectic line for another thrill. The day went on and I started getting bigger and bigger and getting help from my future coach ben boyd and Pat davis-meehan was helping me out aswell. The day went on and I had only did about 4 runs because of the massive lineup at the top of pipe. It was nearing lunchtime and I was getting pretty tired and I had only hiked once and was ready to hike again . I tried to jump out of the pipe early so I didn't have to hike as far... wrong decision. I fell out of the pipe and rolled a good 10 metres hit my head and almost took a skiier out. That was the end of my training I did another lap And did a bad run through pipe then went down and ate some food... exciting day and now i'm at home chilling out with the rest of the team who had a fun day at breckenridge.

updates tomorrow :)
lots and lots of love Alex

Sunday, December 12, 2010

the outlets with Steph

love days off

hey everyone,
sorry i've been a bit slack with the blogging lately but there wasn't much to blog since last time.
Yesterday we had day off and I went to watch the Grand Prix. It was sooooo awesome but I had to leave at 10 by myself catching the bus all the way to copper seeing I am the only one in my team to be bothered to go watch pro's on my day off. It was sooooo cold and i only stayed 2 hours then went to silverthorne with steph and met up with the rest of my team. I didn't buy anything though Today I had another day off cause I was completely dead from the grand prix because walking the whole pipe and falling down a trillion times in powder takes sooo much energy. Today was spent well with a small sleep in then movies and games with the rest of the kids who stayed home. Off to the gym I went and we did some simple stuff that would have been easy for me but I absolutley died which shows me how altitude and being so unfit can affect you with mega wheezing and alot of motivation by myself to keep going. We then came home to some food and a hot tub and soon off to bed to read my school book 'to kill a mocking bird' greatfully given to me by my godmother christine :)

tommorrow i'm off to copper for my first pipe riding since i broke my back.. I'm not going to lie i'm superrrrr excited and I'm starting to train for my 1st comp which is in 2 weeks which I may or may not go in just for the experience seeing i'm still in recovery

thanks for all looking at my blog :)

love alex xoxox

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hey guys,
sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I've been planning to do a post everyday but i have been busy with my great life :).  Yesterday was pretty average, just working on my switch and spinning which needs to be done. We went home  then went to woodward which was pretty fun got back on the tramp for the first time in 3 months, attempted a backflip and nearly did a double was pretty epic. Then the guy wouldn't let me try one. I then went to doing backflips from the ground to the foam pit and was doing it great. I then thought i'd be smart and not do it straight on the ground id do it to the squishy matt so I didn't hurt myself. I then tried and smashed my face in. I told myself I wasn't going to be defeated , so i tried again! almost hit my face again but luckily just kept it up. Today I was sooo dead that I could barely walk and everyone else was dead to so we rode for 2 hours and then went home then too the gym then hot tub :) goood day

il right tomorrow, i'm going to copper to watch the grand pix
im out xoxox

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8th december

keystone fun :)

Hey Hey guys,
Another awesome day but at Keystone this time :)
Seeing I can't do jumps I spent my day doing some work on my riding skills ( switch ) just for mum who loves to nag me about it ( much love mummy)
We then went to the park and I did a couple of laps getting my feet back on rails . boxes and i was also trying some 180s on the rollers. The day went on and a couple of us hiked a box and started learning new tricks . I've almost got mine I was learning how to swivel. We then went for lunch and came back out which i was debating on whether to go riding again or go to woodward ... lucky i chose riding again cause we did a bit more on the rails and then headed over to the quarter pipe where i began to learn hand plants.. SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!  such a cool trick to .. I have almost got them but I keep putting 2 hands down instead of 1 and i'm also a metre from the coping . I hope i can try them tomorrow some how. I have some photos ill put up off my last attempt of my handplant and a picture of me learning my swiveling on the small box ...


love alex :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hey guys,
epic 2nd day today.. I don't think there is words to describe how awesome it was!!!!!
Waist deep , dry powder , 1st tracks for about ALL day!!! and snowing  ALL day...
We went and got first tracks on a couple of steep tree runs then went up to a high bowl and waited half an hour to get on the lift. It was pretty much spot the pro it was soooo good . There was scotty Lago, Jack mitrani, Kazuhiro Kokubo and that many others waiting in line with us and finally there was the scramble to get 1st lifts. Scotty Lago is actually one of my favourite riders so I was pretty gob smacked.
All up we Rode till about 12:30 and came home then michaela  and I went on a bit of an adventure in our backyard acting all silly and getting some funny footage.. we will make a tiny edit tonight and put it up should be pretty funny!

Monday, December 6, 2010

5th of december.. no internet sorry its late

Part 1-writing at Nandi
Hey all, well I’m not sure if mum and dad have told you the story so ill give you a peep into my hectic 5th of December.

My day started out with a good start, A 8am wake up ,breakfast and I was on my way to Sydney airport. We had a bit of difficulties  getting to the airport with traffic jams but we finally made it in time for my 11:50 flight that I was aiming for.  We arrived to the airport with plenty of time . We searched around for the staff desk because my uncle had put me as his first of kin so I could get cheap flights. Turns out it was a terrible thing to do. I arrived at the Qantas staff desk to find I had been wait listed and I wasn’t at the front either. I had to wait till 11 to find out if I would be let onto my 11:50 flight. We went back to the desk and they informed me I was not on it and that the next flight was just as booked out as the first and that I would probably not make it out today but to wait till 2pm to find out.

So this was the point in time when myself, dad and mum all went into overdrive mode and went to work running back and forth from desk to desk trying to find flights . Two hours went by and still no hope. Dad finally went to one of the booking agents and they got me a flight to Denver, But I had to have pit stop in Fiji.We also had to change my connecting flight to Denver so now I could not get picked up by the davis-meehans to take me to my connecting flight. All this stressful time and we finally got things figured out and in 2 minutes I was on my way and into customs. I ran through everything knowing that my plane boarded at 12:15 and it was 12:25 . Little did I know that there was a massive queue leaving me waiting another half an hour when I could have been taking my time.
I finally arrived on the plane and just as we are nearly ready to go . Someone decided to get off the plane for “personal reasons” so  my plane in lock down mode just in case for teorists. We got under way in another half an hour and onto Fiji. I was stressing out about all my connections I had to make but in the end it was all fine and I had 3 hours to burn off waiting for my plane. I now have another 2 hours till I board . The time has gone past and im sure ill have another little story to write about my adventure in LAX. This should be interesting.

 Last night I wrote on my facebook” tomorrow another adventure begins”… I didn’t know it was going to be this big!!!

More updates to come… my back is fine for everyone who doesn’t know I just have to be careful so in about 24 hours I will be on the slopes (hopefully, fingers crossed) and back into my intense athletic career .

Love alex xoxoxo

P.s thankyou mum for all that extra stress!!!

Part 2- Writing in LAX
Hey all, im now in LA airport and boy what a stressful time to get here but I did it J, where to start. Since I wrote last I had  2 hours left, my  plane was late so it ended up being 3 hours so I had 4 hours in nandi. I guess it went by quick but the last half an hour felt like 4 hours. I finally arrived on the plane to find it was just like the one I had flown to Nandi in an old plane with hardly any entertainment. I was seated at the middle of the plane and for a while had knowone beside me.
I was begging that I did not get anyone beside me and using mum and my skills started spying out places I could move to just in case. Turned out I got someone beside. Two of the biggest women on the plane so I was squashed in my seat so bad that I thought I was going to pop. Not to mention they had a 2 year old boy who was a pain. At this stage I was really feeling like ringing up mum and abusing here for putting me in this situation but I tried to calm myself down and prayed to god there was a seat somewhere near. I looked and looked but no  spare seats. Just after we had taken off the lady beside me asked for a cot to put the baby in. The air host could obviously see my conditions and told me he was moving me. He took me onto the 2nd level I thought I was being put to first class or something but it was only economy but it was great there was 14 rows of seats and only 8 people up there I got a whole row to myself. It was great I was still disappointed with the entertainment but I slepted nearly the whole way to LA.

I Arrived in LA and only with brief knowledge on what I was doing and where I was going . I asked about 2000 people where to go and finally found my way to where I had to go, by running 5 terminals in about 10 minutes with a 32 K board bag and a 10 K suit case  and sweating like a pig. I got checked in and raced to my gate with only 5 minutes till boarding time.

I got there and opened up my laptop  and started writing my blog 10 minutes went by and I noticed my flight had not been called I looked up to the screen to see that my flight was not on it . I raced around for about 5 minutes trying to find someone to ask but I found out that  my flight had been delayed another hour.

Finally getting on the plane , I met a 17 year old girl who was seated besided me who used to be a very good snowboarder and we talked for most of the trip to Denver.Arriving at Denver was the most scariest . I didn’t know who was picking me up.. if I was getting picked up, Where I had to go and I had forgotten which carousal my bags were on. I went to get help but pat and Michaela  davis-meehan and Jarad ( one of my new coaches) found me and I then I stopped stressing and knew everything was finally ok. We drove to breck and I slepted most of the way . I’ve now met everyone and settled in and now about to go to bed. So theres my epic 5th of December 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NSWIS Scholarship

Stephanie and I were awarded NSWIS Green scholarships for 2010 winter season

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi everyone, Alex here
Sorry it has been so long . We had a bit of trouble with the blog but everything is fixed now.
I have lots of photos to put up and lots of results as well but unfortunatly I have to go in a couple of seconds because I am at dads work about to catch the tube up for another day of snowboarding...
But I will blog as soon as I get home for you :)

Thanks for everyones support :)

p.s I Have just got an email from my sponsor Betty Rides and I will soon be on the team riders section of there new site :) Thank you to Betty Rides - your gear is awesome!

Monday, May 24, 2010

ESS Billy Rail Jam

Thanks to ESS and Smokin Snowboards for a great day at the Rail Jam at Erina. Great new Snowboard riding the new Smokin Snowboard, then to top it off winning the Girls Rail Jam and winning another board. My bindings were shot so so cool to get new bindings as well. Great to have all the Jindy crowd up in my territory and had a great day on Saturday, then with Steph, Amber, Biba & Mel on the jetskis on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey all,
Not long now....
Only 4 days till I leave and only 6 till I'm home :)
I'm definatly going to miss boarding but I guess it's only 2 months then I'm back down to Perisher again.
I hope everyone is having fun at home and the weather is good.


Monday, March 15, 2010

1st In Pipe & 1st in Slopestyle in Aspen

Blown away. We went to Aspen for the weekend to compete in the Rocky Mountain Series and I got first in both! Can't believe it! The pipe was huge 22' walls - Full Olympic size. Only had one quick run through before the comp started. Mum & Dad are here and it was great to have them in the crowd! The trip over and the scenery was awesome. Everything else good and looking forward to showing Mum & Dad around my town on my day off tomorrrow. Snowed all day yesterday and woken up to a bluebird day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2nd in Pipe

Hi Guys,
Fantastic day! We went to Copper Mountain to compete again in the Rocky Mountain Series. Apart from having a ton of fun I got 2nd in the Pipe. I fell in both runs but still managed to only be 2 points behind 1st. Looking forward now to 2 days off and then the comp in Aspen next Saturday.

Love u all


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hey all,
Well today was comp day... Slopestyle. and I got 3rd
Hopefully better tomozzz in Pipe. Girl who got first was awsome. She got 48
Lauren got 2nd with score of 46 And I got 42.
I didn't hit the last jump on my first run. I didn't have the right speed so I pulled out but I did it on the 2nd run. Jumps were about 45', 50' & last one was 60'.Oh well I had a sick day with my mates. Lots of fun! Tried the big line, which I was freakkked about which only happened today!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Me and My New Board

Hey All,

Been really busy training, gym and school work really. Kate is our tutor and really nice and it is all going good. Just got a new board as my Sapient died! " Feel Good" Awesome!!! We have 2 comps on this weekend. Pipe and Slopestyle. Looking forward to it! Love you all XOXO

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey all,
I havn't blogged in a while - but that was because there really wasn't anything to blog about.
The last week I have been sitting at home resting up until the next team arrived here.
So the night of the 12th came and the team was meant to arive at Denver airport at 4pm.
Unfortunatly they missed their flight and did not get a flight till 8:45 and did not arive till 12am. Luckly the crew at the house knew what we were doing and Sav went to the airport and the new crew stayed over night and woke up early morning to drive to winter park for a competition. Meanwhile back at the house Jeanie, Lauren and I had to wake up at 5:30 to make our journey to Winter Park. Unfortunatly out of the three of us only Lauren competed. Jeanie still wasn't allowed to ride and I didn't get my form in on time. So we were the cheer squad for the day.
First day went by and we stood in the cold and wind watching everyone compete in slopestyle. I was soo dead by the end of the day I slept the whole way in the van. It was an early night then another 5:30 start to the morning and sleeping in the car for everyone,(Except sav of course)
The day was just like the first getting frozen toes in the freezing cold and watching my friends do all the work then ended with another snooze in the car from lack of sleep. Yesterday we headed up to the mountain just Cam, Lukey, Jack and I. Unfortunately Lauren caught an awful cough and Henry has sprained his wrist so we are a bit of an odd bunch and today and tomorrow are days off and I'm busy doing school work :)

Thats all for now


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Backside 360s!!! Last photo I have at the moment - I shall go get Terri's camera.

Stuck in the foam "cork 540's" that turned into normal 360's haha

Sav showing me a cork 540- What I was trying to do ha ha

Climbing out of the foam pit...think strong alex!

Hey all,
We went to Woodward today.. very fun!
Pictures up soon. It's pretty big. They have this thing called snowflex - it's meant to simulate snow and they have jumps into massive foam pits . I was trying to do cork 540's but didn't work. I ended up doing normal 360's. I did that for a while and then we went onto the inbuilt tramps and you can just jump on the tramps or onto the tramps into foam pits . I tried a double back flip ...ALMOST got it and with the slightest rotation from landing on my feet - sooo close!
It was a pretty fun day... Breck tomorrow and this camp finishes in 2 days : O time has flyed so fast and soon I'll be on the 2nd camp.

Time goes fast - soon I'll be home:)

love you all xxxx
Pics of Woodward soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey all,
We are back from the mountain. This is the 2nd day we have come home early.
Yesterday Josh thought he had broken his hand so we were home by 12pm. Luckly Josh's hand is only bruised. Today Jeanie was in the pipe and hit her head and was knocked out and now has concussion once again. Saturday is getting closer with Woodward on the way. We are also going to see another movie on Sunday. We have already seen 2 whilst we have been here. We are going to the gym when Sav and Jeanie get back from the medical centre and I can then try out my new joggers which I had to get because my current ones are as grippy as a slipperly slide so Sav made me get a new pair....
Thats all for now


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey All,

I got 360's off the big jumps yesterday with an indy grab in it. I hurt myself a lot trying though and haven't perfected them yet. I haven't quite got 3's in the pipe yet, we have just been concentrating on getting biggg air and grabs so hopefully soon I will get 3's more.......Today we are going into town. I have to buy new gloves because both my O & E gloves are horrible and cold....We are also going to a place called Woodward on Saturday which is an indoor skate park - inbuilt ramps to foam pits and fake snowboard jumps into foam pits, which should be fun.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey everyone.
Today we did a half day like we have for the past week.
We go all out in the morning and die by the arvo!
Then off to the gym for a hard work out and then off to dinner with all the NSWIS boys and Benny. I had soooo much to eat! So full I feel like a marshmellow...
Great day riding with some big air out of the pipe and the early morning hikes really do get to you haha. Another day of hiking pipe tomorrow and a heavy gym sesh!

love all xxxx

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hey all,
I hope the weather is good for all of you at home! Good weather here today. I woke up at 12 for day off, then cleaned my room, then we went into town and went to Walmart and the movies to see "When in Rome". There isn't much time now till I am on the second camp.
9 weeks until i come home now! The snow is getting better.
Everyone in the house is getting on each others nerves - but are getting better.
I miss everyone a lot and hope you all are having a good time.
Tune into the winter olympics soon.... :)

Night all xxx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey all,
I have some good news. I have been asked to stay for the 9 week program, which is pretty good because they said they chose me for how hard I have been working and that I have real potential and natural talent. If I go it is going to be hard work with schooling, training and gym sessions. It's going to be alot of work! I will miss everyone sooo much but this is a great opportunity!
Today we went to the gym and worked very hard.
That's all for now.
I have some very big decisions to make so I'm off.

love you all
miss you all

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey all,
Best aussie day ever!!!
Waist deep pow, other aussie company got stuckk sooo many times alot of photos...
I'll put them up soon, Bubba gump shrimp for tea then an hour of waiting on Breckenridge main Street for our crepes and about go watch Forest Gump with everyone...
Great aussie day - just all round great!!! Hope eveyone at home had a good one

xxxxx night all

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey all,
Today would be aussie day at home, but for me it is tomorrow.
We are going to be going to Vail tomorrow to the girls and my disgust because there is no snow!
We bought 2 dollar aussie flag capes off ebay and will be flapping behind us as we ride. Unfortunately, Vail does not have a park so Pride, Jeanie and I can't act like superman. Last night we had extreme training again with Anthony. We had agility training which started with 500 jumps with a skipping rope, then a numerous amount of activites, then finished with another 500 skips it was an extreme work out and I died. We went to the gym this arfternoon and was again flogged by Anthony. The good thing about Anthony is he is also a trained Physio and I am about to go get a massage from him ... good isn't it!

Night all.
Have a good aussie day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey all,
Last night we went to Jeanie's parents and had American food with burgers and chips. It was sooooo nice. Today we slept in till 12 then cleaned up and went dog sledding which was sooo fun. We had two teams with two sleds and two people were riding. One was steering and the other sitting. The rest of the people were pulled in a sled behind a ski-doo it was soo fun. We are now waiting for pizza american style haha

night all


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry for no blogs I forget password!

Hey all,
The snowboarding community is in a bit of a down at the moment.
Kevin Pierce one of the main Olympians at the Olympics is now out and nearly dying. Danny Davis is now out with a broken back, Nate Johnston from the Australian team broke his leg and all of them are now not competing in the Olympics and there is now rumors that Torah Bight has hurt her shoulder again. This is going to be a boring Olympics without all the good people. Everything is great here though. We went boarding today and I learnt all new grabs and I'm perfecting my 180's off the bigger jumps. We were home for half an hour then off to the gym and found out our personal trainer was here. We were then flogged to the bone with 1 min medium pace cycling then 1 min as fast as you can then 2 mins medium pace then so on with more minutes. Then all different core activites. I thought I was going to be coming home fit but now I'm going to be bionic women. Riding is going well. I am starting to get in the habbit of going to bed earlier then usual around 10pm. I have decided to start going to bed at 9:30 though. Everything is great here and am fully pumped for tomorrows gym sesh ...not!

Love you all
Starting to miss home
but is totally sick here!