Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey all,
We went to Woodward today.. very fun!
Pictures up soon. It's pretty big. They have this thing called snowflex - it's meant to simulate snow and they have jumps into massive foam pits . I was trying to do cork 540's but didn't work. I ended up doing normal 360's. I did that for a while and then we went onto the inbuilt tramps and you can just jump on the tramps or onto the tramps into foam pits . I tried a double back flip ...ALMOST got it and with the slightest rotation from landing on my feet - sooo close!
It was a pretty fun day... Breck tomorrow and this camp finishes in 2 days : O time has flyed so fast and soon I'll be on the 2nd camp.

Time goes fast - soon I'll be home:)

love you all xxxx
Pics of Woodward soon.

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