Sunday, December 25, 2011

long time since i've blogged

Hey all,
Been a while since I've blogged. A few things have happened since then.
Last week was Copper Mountain Rev Tour. I unfortunately fell in my pipe run and in my slope style run. I didn't mind too much in slope style because I had only 1 day of training slope the day before. I was just glad I did my first 360's for the season in comp. I went into some back to basic training to help me get everything back to normal. I am almost ready for Youth Olympics and hopefully in these next couple of weeks it will bring me to where I want to be in my snowboarding. It is Christmas Day right now and I am spending it with my host family. I have had a great day so far. Just 19 days to go! :)

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2011

Grand prix practice

grand prix

Hey all,
So on Saturday I had the US Grand Prix. I wasn't really that nervous because I knew I was up against the world's best and my coach had been telling me just to have fun and get the experience. I had a really fun practice and was dead from the hike. To put it into perspective , I had to pull myself up the deck by the fence they had put up to keep the spectators away. It was 8am in the morning and the pure colorado chill. It was so cold my googles had fogged and then frozen. I had a good practice but unfortunately fell in both my runs, My first run I fell with an alleyoop which I hadn't tried since Jnr Worlds but I thought I would have a crack at my Jnr Worlds run seeing I had nothing to lose. I ended up Hyperextending my elbow and In a fair bit of pain, but some tylonol and a quick break and I had my 2nd run. I didn't try the alleyoop again but I ended up falling on a cab 3... simple but deadly . My arm is still in abit of pain but healing quick. I had airbag on yesterday and practiced my frontside 5s which I learnt in New Zealand, I''m hoping I can do some tomorrow at Copper.

Well thats the new news...

I'll blog again while Rev Tour is on.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grand Prix

Hey guys,
I''ve been in Co for 2 weeks now and I'm all settled in.The past week I've been training at Copper for the Grand Prix which I'm competing in on Saturday. Tomorrow is the boys qualifiers and so I'm going to watch. Friday hopefully I can go ride park for the first time this season. I'll blog Saturday night.

Alex xox

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey guys,
Here in Edwards at my new home. All settled in and had my first Thanksgivings the other day.
It was pretty awesome. I have ridden 2 days so far. Just getting the hang back into snowboarding. Another week at Copper then Grand Prix is on the week after, so hopefully I can be back to normal soon enough. For now I'm still getting used to the altitude again.  45 days to go till YOG!
love Alex

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Youth Olympics here I come!

Hey all,
So the other week I got a letter in the mail letting me know I've been selected in the Youth Olympic team, -  the only snowboarder from Australia to go. I'm so excited. A couple of weeks ago I went to the press release for the team's official launch. It was sooo cool and I got so many interviews my mouth started to hurt from smiling too much. I ended up on Channel Nine Wide World of Sports on a Sunday, which was pretty amazing because all my friends and family saw it. I'm so excited about it. I have even got a count down on my phone going :) It's going to be amazing and I'm sure to take lots and lots of photos! Here are some photos from the AOC press release.

Click here to see the interviews of all the athletes at the AOC announcement. I am on last at 3:29 minutes.
Click here for the Australian Olympic Site Announcement of the team.
Click here for snowboarder magazine article.
Click  here to view the article on me in The Australian Newspaper

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Youth Olympics

Hey guys,
I've been nominated for the spot in the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck , January 2012.
I'm so excited to be nominated and I'm hoping I get the position. Click below to see an article about me on the Olympic website.
Click here for the AOC story on me.

Perisher Playstation Slopestyle Series - Won the Junior Girls Series

Thank you to Perisher and all the sponsors for a great Series. Love my new Burton Board I won and just got new Burton bindings in the mail. How good is that! My "Feelgood" I have been riding is badly delaminating and got huge chunks out of it and I have been taking my bindings off my pipe board for my slope board - so absolutely stoked to get my favourite board and bindings. Got to love that cash as well as all the other cool stuff. Thank you thank you!! Congratulations to Lauren and Maddy tonight.

Won Thredbo Big Air and Freeride Series 2011 - Junior Girls

What a great day and Series! Thanks to Thredbo - awesome Big Air Jump today. Thank you to the sponsors for the great prizes and the cash is really going to come in handy. Best wishes and hope for a good recovery for Zoe who fractured her C2 vertebrae today. Just horrible and sending you lots of healing vibes. Also healing vibes to Biba. Missed not riding with you today! Such a great jump wish I got to jump on it more!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

World Rookie Fest TTR World Tour - Thredbo

So stoked - First ever novelty cheque I have won. Thanks Red Bull for the Stunt Plane ride we are going on as well as this cool cheque which will be $1000 towards towards travel to compete at the World Rookie Fest Finals in Ischgl in Austria in April 2012. My great friend Henry won the guys for the second year in a row  - so we will have so much fun shredding in Ischgl together!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Australain Junior Series - National Female Champion

Jessie Kennedy -  Male Series Winner &
Me - Female Series Winner

Winners of The Australian Junior Series Halfpipe 2011-  Junior 1 Female. 1st Me, 2nd Maddy Alexis, 3rd Stephanie Dahan.

What a great Series once again! So much fun with all my friends!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Southern Season starts with Thredbo Freeride Rails

hey All, Start of season comp in Freeride Rails, ended up 1st with a bit of cash to help :) Heres some photos of the day:) 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Italy! Junior World Championships - 2011

Hey guys,
 Can't believe it! Made finals for both Slopestyle and Halfpipe Finals at my first ever Junior World Championships, from starting of not even knowing I would make it to Jnr world Champs to making finals is amazing i'm so happy with myself! I Ended up 12th in Halfpipe and 9th in Slopestyle. I was the only Australian to qualify in finals in the Halfpipe. Congratulations to the rest of my team with 3 of us making Finals in Slopestyle. Congratulations to my team members Lauren Stavely and Michaela Davis-Meehan. Go the Aussi girls!

Thanks to my patrol at Soldiers Beach Surf Club for sending me this message! Go Might number 6!!

Hey guys,
So Today was day 5  in Valmalenco, Yesterday we had our first day of pipe practice and the 3 days before that we spent watching and cheering on the AUS boardercross team. Today we had another 2 hour session of pipe practice and a 2 hour practice of slopestyle. The slopestyle course looked pretty scary and was super soft due to the extreme Italian sun but after hitting it 4-5 times I got the hang of it. By 6th run,  there was only 10 minutes left of training and I decided I was comfortable spinning. I did a front 3 and landed perfect - too bad about the metre slush waiting for me as I landed, A bit of a crash but all fine no damage done. All up it was a really fun day and I'm psyched for tomorrow's pipe comp.

Heres a few photos through the competition and other events

Opening Ceremony was so much fun!!
Ciao xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey all,
So I'm finally in Italy with the whole Australian team.
The town Is really cute and old . We had an hour and a half drive and it was such an interesting and pretty drive. I GoProed  a few villages and houses on the way just to get a feel for Italy.
It is such a nice place, we arrived in the town of Valmelenco at 8pm , We had dinner and got all our stuff ready for tomorrow. Tomorrrow we are going up to the mountain just to have a mini shred and to check out the pipe and the slope course, Then later on that night there is the opening ceremony. I'm very excited :)

Thats all the news for now,
Peace xoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey all,
I have been very busy with everything and have great news.
On the 15th of March, I competed in the last stop for Rev tour . It was a great sunny day and the pipe got soft but still awesome. I made it to finals and placed 6th in the Half pipe, I later found out that the place I had made  had qualified me for half pipe in the Jnr World Championships. Slopestyle day came around and I had learned a new word called vermonting, which to everyone is pretty much rain. I found out that Vermonting... was sooo terrible. Training started at 8am and it was heavily snowing and bad visibility was little. I started to train , even though I had only the jumps once the day before. I had 2 training runs and on my 1st I badly hurt my knees. Runs started and my first run was good, My knees were badly hurting but I kept going even though I wanted to retreat to the lodge with everyone else and it payed off - I qualified 4th in 1st runs. 2nd run came and it had started Vermonting. I  had a good run until last run and I knuckled and hurt my knees really bad. I couldn't walk properly but I could move so I knew I hadn't done anything serious. In the end I qualified 6th for slopestyle. A storm was coming in the next day we were flying out , So as soon as the presentation was finished we hit the road and headed to albany where we spent the night and flew out in the morning.
Tomorrow I fly out to Frankfurt then to Milan for Jnr World Championships in Italy. I'm so excited and I want to thank everyone for the support they have given me.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blogging time!

Hey all,
So Many things have happened since I last blogged.
On the 1st of feburary , I started training with ISTC. I love training with them, I have a coupe of my Australian friends with me, and I have made many new friends. The training is great but still fun.
I recently competed in Boreal And competed in both slopestyle and pipe. Day 1 was pipe and I had fun the day before training for it . Unfortunatly some of the girls brought a few tricks I couldn't do and I placed 11th and didn't make finals. In Slopestyle the next day , I had only had the afternoon of pipe and a couple of runs the following day to practice for slopestyle. Slopestyle is normally my better event but with the bigger jumps that I hadn't jumped off something as big as a 30fter before so I was pretty nervous. I crashed both my runs but almost landed my spins. I ended up 12th and not making finals but I was proud of myself for spinning such big jumps.It was a fun trip and with alright results I was happy. I have just been training since and I have been selected in the Australian Jnr worlds team. So March 25th I head to Italy. I'm so excited and proud of myself to make it. I will then return from Italy on the 4th of april and come back to breckenridge and compete in Nationals then Finaly return to Australia on either April 9th or 10th. With all this excitement I'm sure it will be great to come home and see everyone :)

So thats all for now, I'll be updating more often from now on

love Alex

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 Chest deep powder!
Our powder crew.
 Waiting for first lifts.
 Half an hour wait for epic  powder!
 April and I waiting for the chair.
 Chair lift time.
Highest point in Breckenridge, reachable by chairlift.
Hey all,
So epic day up the mountain yesterday. 26 inches of snow.With an early morning start we were all on the mountain by 8:30, except a few who had caught a stomach bug and were at home sick as dogs. I have some photos from the day but it would have to be the most pow I have ever rode. I got home and found all the sick people were nearly better but around 5pm I had started to feel a bit sick. By 6 o'clock  was continuously vomiting and by 10:30 my coach took me to the hospital. Three hours of being on a drip and I was feeling much better. I got home and the girls were feeling better aswell. So now I'm at home resting for a day or so then hopefully I'll be back and healthy in no time.

Love Alex xox

Sunday, January 16, 2011

bit late..but Got 4th in Rev Tour - Mt Hood

Hey guys,
Sorry I'm a little late with blogging,
At Mt Hood , I didn't get into the pipe competition unfortunately. I did however make it into finals in Slopestyle the following day and come 4th , which I was soooo happy. I then came home and had a rest day. Then the day after had practice for the Gatorade series. Yesterday I competed in Slopestyle and got 4th and today I went In the pipe and unfortunately got 9th due to some falls and the girls were very good. Back to training on Tuesday and no more comps till February.

Miss everyone lots ,
Alex xx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mt Hood, Competition Time!

Hey All,
Competition time once again and this time snowboarding has taken me to Mt Hood, Oregon . As usual, I brought the bad luck to everyone flying with me.  The start of our trip began with heavy traffic from Breckenridge to Denver and had to sprint to get to check in . Once we got to the check in they told us we had missed our flight. We found out the next plane was full and so we went to a different company and they wanted a ridiculous price. So Pat, Woods and myself stayed in a really nice hotel in Denver. We woke up at 5am and caught our plane to Seattle. Our plane in Denver was then stopped because there was a snow storm and our plane had to have this special spray put on it  so we could go. That took 1 hour and then we were off. We got to Seattle and we had missed our connecting flight , so we caught the next flight with plenty of time. We got on the plane to Portland and it was only a half an hour and we were in Portland. Things started to look bright. We got to the baggage collection , Pat and I got our bags but Woods was taking a little longer then we expected. We waiting half an hour and still no bag. We went to the baggage service and they had left Woods bags back in Seattle so we had to wait another hour to get his bag. We waited and waited and finally we got the bag and went and got our rental car. We drove to Mt hood found our hotel and missed out on registration for my pipe competition tomorrow. Hopefully They will registrater tomorrow otherwise I'm going to be having another slopestyle practice day :l

Another character building experience for me :)

chao xoxox

Friday, January 7, 2011

Competition time again.

Hey all,
I have been training hard and having some pretty hard falls. I've been training for one of my biggest competitions so far, The Rev tour in Mt Hood. I was lucky enough for SSA to select me to go into The rev tour. I fly out tomorrow with Patrick davis-meehan ( pipe coach) and Nick Wood ( another TSC member)
We spend 3 days in Hood Snowboarding then fly back to breck and back into training. Should be Fun.

I hope everyone is warm back at home it's just reaching -10 again.

:) alex xoxox.