Thursday, March 31, 2011

Italy! Junior World Championships - 2011

Hey guys,
 Can't believe it! Made finals for both Slopestyle and Halfpipe Finals at my first ever Junior World Championships, from starting of not even knowing I would make it to Jnr world Champs to making finals is amazing i'm so happy with myself! I Ended up 12th in Halfpipe and 9th in Slopestyle. I was the only Australian to qualify in finals in the Halfpipe. Congratulations to the rest of my team with 3 of us making Finals in Slopestyle. Congratulations to my team members Lauren Stavely and Michaela Davis-Meehan. Go the Aussi girls!

Thanks to my patrol at Soldiers Beach Surf Club for sending me this message! Go Might number 6!!

Hey guys,
So Today was day 5  in Valmalenco, Yesterday we had our first day of pipe practice and the 3 days before that we spent watching and cheering on the AUS boardercross team. Today we had another 2 hour session of pipe practice and a 2 hour practice of slopestyle. The slopestyle course looked pretty scary and was super soft due to the extreme Italian sun but after hitting it 4-5 times I got the hang of it. By 6th run,  there was only 10 minutes left of training and I decided I was comfortable spinning. I did a front 3 and landed perfect - too bad about the metre slush waiting for me as I landed, A bit of a crash but all fine no damage done. All up it was a really fun day and I'm psyched for tomorrow's pipe comp.

Heres a few photos through the competition and other events

Opening Ceremony was so much fun!!
Ciao xx

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