Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey everyone.
Today we did a half day like we have for the past week.
We go all out in the morning and die by the arvo!
Then off to the gym for a hard work out and then off to dinner with all the NSWIS boys and Benny. I had soooo much to eat! So full I feel like a marshmellow...
Great day riding with some big air out of the pipe and the early morning hikes really do get to you haha. Another day of hiking pipe tomorrow and a heavy gym sesh!

love all xxxx

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hey all,
I hope the weather is good for all of you at home! Good weather here today. I woke up at 12 for day off, then cleaned my room, then we went into town and went to Walmart and the movies to see "When in Rome". There isn't much time now till I am on the second camp.
9 weeks until i come home now! The snow is getting better.
Everyone in the house is getting on each others nerves - but are getting better.
I miss everyone a lot and hope you all are having a good time.
Tune into the winter olympics soon.... :)

Night all xxx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey all,
I have some good news. I have been asked to stay for the 9 week program, which is pretty good because they said they chose me for how hard I have been working and that I have real potential and natural talent. If I go it is going to be hard work with schooling, training and gym sessions. It's going to be alot of work! I will miss everyone sooo much but this is a great opportunity!
Today we went to the gym and worked very hard.
That's all for now.
I have some very big decisions to make so I'm off.

love you all
miss you all

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey all,
Best aussie day ever!!!
Waist deep pow, other aussie company got stuckk sooo many times alot of photos...
I'll put them up soon, Bubba gump shrimp for tea then an hour of waiting on Breckenridge main Street for our crepes and about go watch Forest Gump with everyone...
Great aussie day - just all round great!!! Hope eveyone at home had a good one

xxxxx night all

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey all,
Today would be aussie day at home, but for me it is tomorrow.
We are going to be going to Vail tomorrow to the girls and my disgust because there is no snow!
We bought 2 dollar aussie flag capes off ebay and will be flapping behind us as we ride. Unfortunately, Vail does not have a park so Pride, Jeanie and I can't act like superman. Last night we had extreme training again with Anthony. We had agility training which started with 500 jumps with a skipping rope, then a numerous amount of activites, then finished with another 500 skips it was an extreme work out and I died. We went to the gym this arfternoon and was again flogged by Anthony. The good thing about Anthony is he is also a trained Physio and I am about to go get a massage from him ... good isn't it!

Night all.
Have a good aussie day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey all,
Last night we went to Jeanie's parents and had American food with burgers and chips. It was sooooo nice. Today we slept in till 12 then cleaned up and went dog sledding which was sooo fun. We had two teams with two sleds and two people were riding. One was steering and the other sitting. The rest of the people were pulled in a sled behind a ski-doo it was soo fun. We are now waiting for pizza american style haha

night all


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry for no blogs I forget password!

Hey all,
The snowboarding community is in a bit of a down at the moment.
Kevin Pierce one of the main Olympians at the Olympics is now out and nearly dying. Danny Davis is now out with a broken back, Nate Johnston from the Australian team broke his leg and all of them are now not competing in the Olympics and there is now rumors that Torah Bight has hurt her shoulder again. This is going to be a boring Olympics without all the good people. Everything is great here though. We went boarding today and I learnt all new grabs and I'm perfecting my 180's off the bigger jumps. We were home for half an hour then off to the gym and found out our personal trainer was here. We were then flogged to the bone with 1 min medium pace cycling then 1 min as fast as you can then 2 mins medium pace then so on with more minutes. Then all different core activites. I thought I was going to be coming home fit but now I'm going to be bionic women. Riding is going well. I am starting to get in the habbit of going to bed earlier then usual around 10pm. I have decided to start going to bed at 9:30 though. Everything is great here and am fully pumped for tomorrows gym sesh ...not!

Love you all
Starting to miss home
but is totally sick here!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey all.
Another day on the snow. Started to do front side 180s off the bigger jumps today and hopefully by Wednesday it will be 360s. Tomorrow is our day off which should be good because I am soooo tired. We went to the gym today as well, I am getting more muscles by the day. haha
Night all.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey all,
Had a very quiet day off.
We slept in and then watched a bring it on marathon most of the day and
went in the spa and watched the boys make a jib.
Very quiet haha

That's all.
Breckenridge tomorrow :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi all,
We went to Keystone today. It would have to be the most awesome park I have ever seen. It would be better if I could hit most of them. The park is basically made for pro's. The jumps are about 80ft and soo massive the park is set about street style it is sooooo sick. I would like to go there again in this time but for now I'll stick to Breckenridge! We went to the gym after and worked our butts off because tomorrow is day off. We are chilling in the spa, sleep ins and wondering around town which should be fun.
love all xxx

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey all,
Today was just another average day snowboarding. We went to the baby park first then over to the medium park and pipe then back to the baby park because the weather became bad. The snow is slowly dissapearing so hopefully we will get a big dump. We are scheduled for one this week - the question is when? We went to the gym by 3pm and are back now at 4:30, I am getting used to going to the gym nearly everyday and hopefully I am getting alot fitter. I have a feeling I'll come home tank. hahaha . I don't know if I told you about one of my team mates who hurt herself and has concussion, but she is able to come home tonight which is good.
That's about all was a pretty good day

Talk to you tomorrow

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What we do when we shop? Play band stand in old navy haha

When alexs is blogging

Hey everyone.
Sorry I haven't been in contact. I have been very busy and very tired .
We have been going to the gym nearly every afternoon and I tell you I'm deftinately not fit but I'm getting there haha. I bought a couple of things at the outlets. I got two jumpers, two t shirts and a new beanie and I wish I didnt bring so many clothes over because everything is sooooo cheap! Brand jumpers here are 20 bucks and in Australia are about 80. It is great here I am definately getting fit. We hike the pipe every day. In the park I got 360's with a nose grab yesterday but only in the baby park. Just learning but hopefully by the end of the week I will take it to the medium park. The parks here are massive. The baby park is the same as our medium park at Perisher and the medium park here is the same as our big park! Their big parks here are massive and the smallest jump would be about 80ft. Our house is massive and really nice. I share a room with Pride which at the moment is a bit messy but it's due for a clean tonight. Today was our day off and we went shopping and i got my boot fixed because my boa string broke (for anyone who doesnt know what that is its the string that does up my boots). I am having good days and bad . I have been pretty sore from the gym and crashing combined which our hot tub soon fixes . The three of us girls went for a hot tub last night at 10pm and jumped in the snow very cold we took some photos so ill try get some of them from Pride. Today we also went to bubba gump shrimp which was veryyyy yummy . I can now do 360s perfect out of the pipe. Not in the pipe - Like I exit the pipe by doing a 360. Very fun! Well that's about it and I'll try give u an update tomorrow!

love you all xoxo

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh and forgot to mention in the blog I just wrote..
Sorry I can't be there - but I'm pretty sure you understand!

Hey all,
I have discovered that mum is freaking out becuase she hasn't heard from me so here it goes..
Today was our 2nd day on snow but 1st full day. I had my 1st day in the pipe and park trying to get my confidence back. I am only currently doing the 1st jump in the medium park but hope to soon get my confidence and get to doing the advanced park which may I say is massssivve. Their medium park is like our front valley advanced = so you can see why I'm scared. We spent the afternoon tuning and waxing our board and eating and now soon to sleep. So that's just a quick update and goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey all,
I'm finally in breckenridge USA!!
From 6 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon I was on planes/ at airports....The plane was fun. With only a few minor hiccups every now and then we got to LA airport which might I add was scorching hot and I was in my singlet . We finally got to Denver when we had to wait an hour for our boards but it was all good because Benny A was on the flight after so we just waited for him .. We got in our awsome streched vans then drove for another two hours. When we arrived Benny in the other van was already at the house and we only had directions which might I add was wrong - thanks google! Benny finally came to find us after an hour and a half of searching in the wrong place then we went to get our food...
Well thats about it and now I have to wait till 12 so I can go to bed because I need to get used to the timezone so
bye bye for now

Monday, January 4, 2010

the day before..

I'm in Sydney. Not so excited for a 5 o'clock rise to get to the airport by 6:30.
On the other hand I'm completely excited about my 5 weeks in Colorado.
Besides the fact I have to leave my friends and family, not to mention my summer holidays I'm totally stoked to be going to Colorado for the awesomest opportunity and ride with some old friends and coach. I've been packing for about 3 weeks now and only finishing this afternoon with the help of my friend Casey ha ha - Not so good with the packing system. It's a total disaster that I have to miss out on a week of school but I guess I will live ha ha. Early bed tonight, very big day tomorrow with a massive plane trip which I'm very excited about because I love planes!!
Hope to check out the town of Breckenridge - the town I'll be living in for my 5 weeks . I don't know how much time I have to be blogging while I'm over there but I'll try to make time for it
well I'm off for an early night so I'll try blog as soon as I can.