Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry for no blogs I forget password!

Hey all,
The snowboarding community is in a bit of a down at the moment.
Kevin Pierce one of the main Olympians at the Olympics is now out and nearly dying. Danny Davis is now out with a broken back, Nate Johnston from the Australian team broke his leg and all of them are now not competing in the Olympics and there is now rumors that Torah Bight has hurt her shoulder again. This is going to be a boring Olympics without all the good people. Everything is great here though. We went boarding today and I learnt all new grabs and I'm perfecting my 180's off the bigger jumps. We were home for half an hour then off to the gym and found out our personal trainer was here. We were then flogged to the bone with 1 min medium pace cycling then 1 min as fast as you can then 2 mins medium pace then so on with more minutes. Then all different core activites. I thought I was going to be coming home fit but now I'm going to be bionic women. Riding is going well. I am starting to get in the habbit of going to bed earlier then usual around 10pm. I have decided to start going to bed at 9:30 though. Everything is great here and am fully pumped for tomorrows gym sesh ...not!

Love you all
Starting to miss home
but is totally sick here!

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