Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey all,
Today would be aussie day at home, but for me it is tomorrow.
We are going to be going to Vail tomorrow to the girls and my disgust because there is no snow!
We bought 2 dollar aussie flag capes off ebay and will be flapping behind us as we ride. Unfortunately, Vail does not have a park so Pride, Jeanie and I can't act like superman. Last night we had extreme training again with Anthony. We had agility training which started with 500 jumps with a skipping rope, then a numerous amount of activites, then finished with another 500 skips it was an extreme work out and I died. We went to the gym this arfternoon and was again flogged by Anthony. The good thing about Anthony is he is also a trained Physio and I am about to go get a massage from him ... good isn't it!

Night all.
Have a good aussie day!

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  1. Hi Alex
    hope you can view this movie of our Australia Day Party