Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey everyone.
Sorry I haven't been in contact. I have been very busy and very tired .
We have been going to the gym nearly every afternoon and I tell you I'm deftinately not fit but I'm getting there haha. I bought a couple of things at the outlets. I got two jumpers, two t shirts and a new beanie and I wish I didnt bring so many clothes over because everything is sooooo cheap! Brand jumpers here are 20 bucks and in Australia are about 80. It is great here I am definately getting fit. We hike the pipe every day. In the park I got 360's with a nose grab yesterday but only in the baby park. Just learning but hopefully by the end of the week I will take it to the medium park. The parks here are massive. The baby park is the same as our medium park at Perisher and the medium park here is the same as our big park! Their big parks here are massive and the smallest jump would be about 80ft. Our house is massive and really nice. I share a room with Pride which at the moment is a bit messy but it's due for a clean tonight. Today was our day off and we went shopping and i got my boot fixed because my boa string broke (for anyone who doesnt know what that is its the string that does up my boots). I am having good days and bad . I have been pretty sore from the gym and crashing combined which our hot tub soon fixes . The three of us girls went for a hot tub last night at 10pm and jumped in the snow very cold we took some photos so ill try get some of them from Pride. Today we also went to bubba gump shrimp which was veryyyy yummy . I can now do 360s perfect out of the pipe. Not in the pipe - Like I exit the pipe by doing a 360. Very fun! Well that's about it and I'll try give u an update tomorrow!

love you all xoxo

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