Thursday, March 31, 2011

Italy! Junior World Championships - 2011

Hey guys,
 Can't believe it! Made finals for both Slopestyle and Halfpipe Finals at my first ever Junior World Championships, from starting of not even knowing I would make it to Jnr world Champs to making finals is amazing i'm so happy with myself! I Ended up 12th in Halfpipe and 9th in Slopestyle. I was the only Australian to qualify in finals in the Halfpipe. Congratulations to the rest of my team with 3 of us making Finals in Slopestyle. Congratulations to my team members Lauren Stavely and Michaela Davis-Meehan. Go the Aussi girls!

Thanks to my patrol at Soldiers Beach Surf Club for sending me this message! Go Might number 6!!

Hey guys,
So Today was day 5  in Valmalenco, Yesterday we had our first day of pipe practice and the 3 days before that we spent watching and cheering on the AUS boardercross team. Today we had another 2 hour session of pipe practice and a 2 hour practice of slopestyle. The slopestyle course looked pretty scary and was super soft due to the extreme Italian sun but after hitting it 4-5 times I got the hang of it. By 6th run,  there was only 10 minutes left of training and I decided I was comfortable spinning. I did a front 3 and landed perfect - too bad about the metre slush waiting for me as I landed, A bit of a crash but all fine no damage done. All up it was a really fun day and I'm psyched for tomorrow's pipe comp.

Heres a few photos through the competition and other events

Opening Ceremony was so much fun!!
Ciao xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey all,
So I'm finally in Italy with the whole Australian team.
The town Is really cute and old . We had an hour and a half drive and it was such an interesting and pretty drive. I GoProed  a few villages and houses on the way just to get a feel for Italy.
It is such a nice place, we arrived in the town of Valmelenco at 8pm , We had dinner and got all our stuff ready for tomorrow. Tomorrrow we are going up to the mountain just to have a mini shred and to check out the pipe and the slope course, Then later on that night there is the opening ceremony. I'm very excited :)

Thats all the news for now,
Peace xoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey all,
I have been very busy with everything and have great news.
On the 15th of March, I competed in the last stop for Rev tour . It was a great sunny day and the pipe got soft but still awesome. I made it to finals and placed 6th in the Half pipe, I later found out that the place I had made  had qualified me for half pipe in the Jnr World Championships. Slopestyle day came around and I had learned a new word called vermonting, which to everyone is pretty much rain. I found out that Vermonting... was sooo terrible. Training started at 8am and it was heavily snowing and bad visibility was little. I started to train , even though I had only the jumps once the day before. I had 2 training runs and on my 1st I badly hurt my knees. Runs started and my first run was good, My knees were badly hurting but I kept going even though I wanted to retreat to the lodge with everyone else and it payed off - I qualified 4th in 1st runs. 2nd run came and it had started Vermonting. I  had a good run until last run and I knuckled and hurt my knees really bad. I couldn't walk properly but I could move so I knew I hadn't done anything serious. In the end I qualified 6th for slopestyle. A storm was coming in the next day we were flying out , So as soon as the presentation was finished we hit the road and headed to albany where we spent the night and flew out in the morning.
Tomorrow I fly out to Frankfurt then to Milan for Jnr World Championships in Italy. I'm so excited and I want to thank everyone for the support they have given me.