Saturday, August 24, 2013

NZ World Cup

On the 20th of August I had my first official training day for the NZ World Cup.  It was pretty bad weather , with not much visibility and a fresh layer of snow. Our second training day was cancelled due to lack of visibility and high winds. Comp day came around and everybody was embracing for the worst but god had heard our prayers and it was a sick sunny , blue bird day with no wind. The pipe was running awesome and we had 40 minutes of practice. It was good to finally get some of my tricks done in practice cause it was pretty hard to do them on our practice day. It was competition time and I put down a safety run without my backside 540. I was looking good so I was thinking up a run that could get me into semi's with my coach. Unfortunatley on my second run I lost all my speed on my 3rd hit and didn't have enough speed or height to do anymore tricks. I was really happy with the way I rode with the circumstance we were all put in leading up into the competition.

Now I get to go hang out and shred in Perisher. Bring on Finland!



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day Off

Today was our first day off from training because the pipe is closed for the Ski World Cup. It was a nice day in Wanaka but Cardrona was on wind hold all day, so it was a good day to have a day off. I had a little sleep in then went out for breakfast with Amber and Biba, then we went to a cool little rest area around the lake and skipped rocks, made rock stacks and took heaps of photos for hours... we can home and hung out and just chilled for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony and I am really excited cause we get free jet boat rides and i've never been on one of the thrill jet boat rides so it should be loads of fun. I will attach some photos from today!

Will post about it tomorro

xoxo Alex

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flat Light and Flat Whites

I have been here in New Zealand for 5 days now, and the weather is always completely unpredictable here. This whole week the visibility has been horrible, but everyone has been working through it in anticipation for the World Cup. Tomorrow will be our last day of training before our  two official training days because the Ski World Cup is on.  Lets hope I get some good training in before the Comp starts.

Post soon :)


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Donnica Clarke Foundation

Last Night I went to the Donnica Clarke Foundation Fundraiser. It is an annual event and unfortunatley since I have been a scholarship holder I haven't been able to attend. Donnica Clarke was a inspirational young girl who loved sports and life but was tragically taken to early. The fundraiser helps athletes all over the Central Coast who are striving for big things. Last night was a fundraiser to raise money for the foundation so more athletes can receive grants. It was an amazing night, it was jungle themed. There was a fire breather/ dancer and a amazing band who played throughout the night. It was filled with auctions , speeches and lots of dancing. It was so much fun dancing to all the old classics my parents listen to and luckily made me listen to so I know all the words. I met all the other athletes and had an amazing night so thank you to Anthony and Kerrie Clarke and the rest of the crew from the Foundation for helping me and throughing such a special night.
If anyone wants to check out the Donnica Clarke Foundation or donate, the website is

Till next time,


p.s I am off to New Zealand tomorrow :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2012//2013 Whole season Recap

Hi guys,
It has been a long time since I have blogged and I am feeling pretty slack.
It is coming up to the Olympic Qualifying year so I thought I would fill you in as much as I can on the past season I just had in my first year in World Cups.  I also will be blogging alot more from now on!

My first World Cup was in New Zealand, 2012 almost a year ago. There was a lot of weather days up at Cardrona but the show must always go on. I placed 27th in the first stop of the World Cup series in Cardrona.

I then moved over to America on the 23rd of November to my awesome Host families house that I had lived with in Vail for the past 2 years.  I was training in Copper and Vail then headed back home for 10 days for christmas for the 1st time in 3 years which was very special, then jetted back. My second World Cup was in Copper Mountain, Colorado on the 12th of Janurary . It was good to not have to travel somewhere for this World Cup which made it easy because we trained there at the start of the season nearly every day.

Another week of training and then off to Stoneham, Canada on the 20th of January. Stoneham was one of the coolest cities I have ever been to with castles and old buildings and Jails. Do not be deceived though by how awesome it is in stoneham because it is the coldest place I have ever been to! The first day we trained it was so cold everyone competing got frost bite and had to go inside after 5 runs then the second day the pipe had gotten so cold it had manipulated the pipe. By comp day the pipe was an absolute ice rink , everyone was joking about how we should have bought ice skates and pretended like we were in the Red Bull series "Crashed Ice".  Everyone was relieved after comp day was over because it was so cold and it ended up snowing so much there was 4ft of powder in the middle of the pipe. I placed 22nd in the World championships in Stoneham.

Back to America I went and had another 2 weeks of training then road tripped to Park City, Utah for the next World Cup. Park City was awesome, the pipe was amazing and the vibes were good. Even though I got a black eye as a souvenir I placed 25th.

Two weeks of training back in Vail then off to Sochi, Russia for the Olympic Test event. It was a very interesting trip because not much was finished in the olympic village. I  had a very sore hip and the Australian Olympic Doctor and Olympic Physio thought there might be wrong but I pushed through the pain and talked to the Doctors back in Vail to book an appointment. With very challenging pipe conditions we only got about one hour of training all up ( but thats why its the test event to find out what they do wrong and right) I placed 31st.

Back to the states for another two 2 weeks then off to Sierra Nevada, Spain. Alot of trouble finding accommodation and alot of fog our first training day came. Little did Steph ( Australian Team mate) and I know that training had been called off before we caught the second chairlift up do to extreme fog. Steph and I ended up completely lost in the spanish mountains in the out of bounds area. We were lost for 9 hours, lucky stephs Australian phone worked and we were able to get ahold of another team mate or no one would have known we were missing. We were found at 9:30 at night and we were ready to camp out in the wilderness 'bear grylls style' Thanks to the Sierra Nevada Rescue Team , Elijah Teter, Brady Mcneill and Kelly Marren for all there help! We got to train the next day but it was also fogging (we stayed very close to everyone else) Comp day was just as bad and alot of other people got lost ( not as bad as us though) it looked like it was going to be called off but just before they did the fog cleared completely over the pipe. It was an awesome day and everyone was pumped to finally ride. I placed 14th , which was my best result so far.

I spent the rest of the season taking it easy because I was told I had a labral tear in my hip but I found out when I got I actually didn't so abit of rehab and I am good as new and ready to ride in New Zealand!
 Get ready for my next post soon :)

Loveeee Alex