Sunday, August 4, 2013

Donnica Clarke Foundation

Last Night I went to the Donnica Clarke Foundation Fundraiser. It is an annual event and unfortunatley since I have been a scholarship holder I haven't been able to attend. Donnica Clarke was a inspirational young girl who loved sports and life but was tragically taken to early. The fundraiser helps athletes all over the Central Coast who are striving for big things. Last night was a fundraiser to raise money for the foundation so more athletes can receive grants. It was an amazing night, it was jungle themed. There was a fire breather/ dancer and a amazing band who played throughout the night. It was filled with auctions , speeches and lots of dancing. It was so much fun dancing to all the old classics my parents listen to and luckily made me listen to so I know all the words. I met all the other athletes and had an amazing night so thank you to Anthony and Kerrie Clarke and the rest of the crew from the Foundation for helping me and throughing such a special night.
If anyone wants to check out the Donnica Clarke Foundation or donate, the website is

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p.s I am off to New Zealand tomorrow :)

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