Saturday, August 24, 2013

NZ World Cup

On the 20th of August I had my first official training day for the NZ World Cup.  It was pretty bad weather , with not much visibility and a fresh layer of snow. Our second training day was cancelled due to lack of visibility and high winds. Comp day came around and everybody was embracing for the worst but god had heard our prayers and it was a sick sunny , blue bird day with no wind. The pipe was running awesome and we had 40 minutes of practice. It was good to finally get some of my tricks done in practice cause it was pretty hard to do them on our practice day. It was competition time and I put down a safety run without my backside 540. I was looking good so I was thinking up a run that could get me into semi's with my coach. Unfortunatley on my second run I lost all my speed on my 3rd hit and didn't have enough speed or height to do anymore tricks. I was really happy with the way I rode with the circumstance we were all put in leading up into the competition.

Now I get to go hang out and shred in Perisher. Bring on Finland!



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