Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blogging time!

Hey all,
So Many things have happened since I last blogged.
On the 1st of feburary , I started training with ISTC. I love training with them, I have a coupe of my Australian friends with me, and I have made many new friends. The training is great but still fun.
I recently competed in Boreal And competed in both slopestyle and pipe. Day 1 was pipe and I had fun the day before training for it . Unfortunatly some of the girls brought a few tricks I couldn't do and I placed 11th and didn't make finals. In Slopestyle the next day , I had only had the afternoon of pipe and a couple of runs the following day to practice for slopestyle. Slopestyle is normally my better event but with the bigger jumps that I hadn't jumped off something as big as a 30fter before so I was pretty nervous. I crashed both my runs but almost landed my spins. I ended up 12th and not making finals but I was proud of myself for spinning such big jumps.It was a fun trip and with alright results I was happy. I have just been training since and I have been selected in the Australian Jnr worlds team. So March 25th I head to Italy. I'm so excited and proud of myself to make it. I will then return from Italy on the 4th of april and come back to breckenridge and compete in Nationals then Finaly return to Australia on either April 9th or 10th. With all this excitement I'm sure it will be great to come home and see everyone :)

So thats all for now, I'll be updating more often from now on

love Alex

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