Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mt Hood, Competition Time!

Hey All,
Competition time once again and this time snowboarding has taken me to Mt Hood, Oregon . As usual, I brought the bad luck to everyone flying with me.  The start of our trip began with heavy traffic from Breckenridge to Denver and had to sprint to get to check in . Once we got to the check in they told us we had missed our flight. We found out the next plane was full and so we went to a different company and they wanted a ridiculous price. So Pat, Woods and myself stayed in a really nice hotel in Denver. We woke up at 5am and caught our plane to Seattle. Our plane in Denver was then stopped because there was a snow storm and our plane had to have this special spray put on it  so we could go. That took 1 hour and then we were off. We got to Seattle and we had missed our connecting flight , so we caught the next flight with plenty of time. We got on the plane to Portland and it was only a half an hour and we were in Portland. Things started to look bright. We got to the baggage collection , Pat and I got our bags but Woods was taking a little longer then we expected. We waiting half an hour and still no bag. We went to the baggage service and they had left Woods bags back in Seattle so we had to wait another hour to get his bag. We waited and waited and finally we got the bag and went and got our rental car. We drove to Mt hood found our hotel and missed out on registration for my pipe competition tomorrow. Hopefully They will registrater tomorrow otherwise I'm going to be having another slopestyle practice day :l

Another character building experience for me :)

chao xoxox

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