Monday, December 12, 2011

grand prix

Hey all,
So on Saturday I had the US Grand Prix. I wasn't really that nervous because I knew I was up against the world's best and my coach had been telling me just to have fun and get the experience. I had a really fun practice and was dead from the hike. To put it into perspective , I had to pull myself up the deck by the fence they had put up to keep the spectators away. It was 8am in the morning and the pure colorado chill. It was so cold my googles had fogged and then frozen. I had a good practice but unfortunately fell in both my runs, My first run I fell with an alleyoop which I hadn't tried since Jnr Worlds but I thought I would have a crack at my Jnr Worlds run seeing I had nothing to lose. I ended up Hyperextending my elbow and In a fair bit of pain, but some tylonol and a quick break and I had my 2nd run. I didn't try the alleyoop again but I ended up falling on a cab 3... simple but deadly . My arm is still in abit of pain but healing quick. I had airbag on yesterday and practiced my frontside 5s which I learnt in New Zealand, I''m hoping I can do some tomorrow at Copper.

Well thats the new news...

I'll blog again while Rev Tour is on.


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