Monday, December 6, 2010

5th of december.. no internet sorry its late

Part 1-writing at Nandi
Hey all, well I’m not sure if mum and dad have told you the story so ill give you a peep into my hectic 5th of December.

My day started out with a good start, A 8am wake up ,breakfast and I was on my way to Sydney airport. We had a bit of difficulties  getting to the airport with traffic jams but we finally made it in time for my 11:50 flight that I was aiming for.  We arrived to the airport with plenty of time . We searched around for the staff desk because my uncle had put me as his first of kin so I could get cheap flights. Turns out it was a terrible thing to do. I arrived at the Qantas staff desk to find I had been wait listed and I wasn’t at the front either. I had to wait till 11 to find out if I would be let onto my 11:50 flight. We went back to the desk and they informed me I was not on it and that the next flight was just as booked out as the first and that I would probably not make it out today but to wait till 2pm to find out.

So this was the point in time when myself, dad and mum all went into overdrive mode and went to work running back and forth from desk to desk trying to find flights . Two hours went by and still no hope. Dad finally went to one of the booking agents and they got me a flight to Denver, But I had to have pit stop in Fiji.We also had to change my connecting flight to Denver so now I could not get picked up by the davis-meehans to take me to my connecting flight. All this stressful time and we finally got things figured out and in 2 minutes I was on my way and into customs. I ran through everything knowing that my plane boarded at 12:15 and it was 12:25 . Little did I know that there was a massive queue leaving me waiting another half an hour when I could have been taking my time.
I finally arrived on the plane and just as we are nearly ready to go . Someone decided to get off the plane for “personal reasons” so  my plane in lock down mode just in case for teorists. We got under way in another half an hour and onto Fiji. I was stressing out about all my connections I had to make but in the end it was all fine and I had 3 hours to burn off waiting for my plane. I now have another 2 hours till I board . The time has gone past and im sure ill have another little story to write about my adventure in LAX. This should be interesting.

 Last night I wrote on my facebook” tomorrow another adventure begins”… I didn’t know it was going to be this big!!!

More updates to come… my back is fine for everyone who doesn’t know I just have to be careful so in about 24 hours I will be on the slopes (hopefully, fingers crossed) and back into my intense athletic career .

Love alex xoxoxo

P.s thankyou mum for all that extra stress!!!

Part 2- Writing in LAX
Hey all, im now in LA airport and boy what a stressful time to get here but I did it J, where to start. Since I wrote last I had  2 hours left, my  plane was late so it ended up being 3 hours so I had 4 hours in nandi. I guess it went by quick but the last half an hour felt like 4 hours. I finally arrived on the plane to find it was just like the one I had flown to Nandi in an old plane with hardly any entertainment. I was seated at the middle of the plane and for a while had knowone beside me.
I was begging that I did not get anyone beside me and using mum and my skills started spying out places I could move to just in case. Turned out I got someone beside. Two of the biggest women on the plane so I was squashed in my seat so bad that I thought I was going to pop. Not to mention they had a 2 year old boy who was a pain. At this stage I was really feeling like ringing up mum and abusing here for putting me in this situation but I tried to calm myself down and prayed to god there was a seat somewhere near. I looked and looked but no  spare seats. Just after we had taken off the lady beside me asked for a cot to put the baby in. The air host could obviously see my conditions and told me he was moving me. He took me onto the 2nd level I thought I was being put to first class or something but it was only economy but it was great there was 14 rows of seats and only 8 people up there I got a whole row to myself. It was great I was still disappointed with the entertainment but I slepted nearly the whole way to LA.

I Arrived in LA and only with brief knowledge on what I was doing and where I was going . I asked about 2000 people where to go and finally found my way to where I had to go, by running 5 terminals in about 10 minutes with a 32 K board bag and a 10 K suit case  and sweating like a pig. I got checked in and raced to my gate with only 5 minutes till boarding time.

I got there and opened up my laptop  and started writing my blog 10 minutes went by and I noticed my flight had not been called I looked up to the screen to see that my flight was not on it . I raced around for about 5 minutes trying to find someone to ask but I found out that  my flight had been delayed another hour.

Finally getting on the plane , I met a 17 year old girl who was seated besided me who used to be a very good snowboarder and we talked for most of the trip to Denver.Arriving at Denver was the most scariest . I didn’t know who was picking me up.. if I was getting picked up, Where I had to go and I had forgotten which carousal my bags were on. I went to get help but pat and Michaela  davis-meehan and Jarad ( one of my new coaches) found me and I then I stopped stressing and knew everything was finally ok. We drove to breck and I slepted most of the way . I’ve now met everyone and settled in and now about to go to bed. So theres my epic 5th of December 

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