Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keystone again..

Hey guys,
We went to keystone again today. I was still pretty tired even though I had a day off yesterday but It wore off by 2nd run. I got a bit battered in the morning with first run tacoeing a rail and a few other stacks but In the end no harm done. I had a fun morning but after lunch was even funner. I got my front boardslides back and I now have front and back swivels on lock down. The afternoon was soooo fun and after we went to super target to by our christcringle presents... only 4 days now :) breckenridge riding tomorrow

lots of love alex :)

I havn't been putting up any photos so i'll put some up now. + I got alot of footage today that i'll get off my coach, make a little edit and put it up on here :)

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