Friday, December 17, 2010

hey everyone,
Today I went to Copper for pipe training for my comp on sunday,
I started the day with the hour and a half bus to copper then first lap was alright. The next couple of runs were horrible and I figured out I was having a off day. A couple more runs went by and my runs weren't getting any better and I was only doing straight air no grabs. I figured after my great day yesterday this must be the opposite . I was nearly at the point of giving up and going home but I pushed on and finally after the 6th or 7th run , I got a good run in and decided to start working on my competition run. It is indy poke,melon,Front 360, cab 360, nose grab, japan :) It's the best run i've ever had and if one of my other competitors read this i'm in trouble haha. So I got my run down a couple of times and went into lunch then called the day on a good note. I caught the bus home and went to watch some aussies in the dew tour. I went home and my friend took me to yoga. At first i thought it was really good but then I found out it was expert  yoga and I was getting into some tricky stuff. I vowed If michaela ever took me to expert yoga again I would shoot her , I'm about to go for a nice hot tub then off to bed .

Tomorrow i'm going to denver with everyone for shopping . I'm not going to by much just browse around.

love alex

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