Sunday, December 19, 2010

Competition day..

hey all,
Today was my first comp for the northern winter. With a 6am start and arriving at copper at 8 for registration. The comp started at 9:45 and I was at the end of the list so we waited inside for a while. My nerves were so bad cause I felt as if i had to win even though everyone kept reassuring me that was my first comp and my goal was just to do my best. The weather was horrible with hardly any visibility and I wasn't to keen on going out in the snow storm. I started practice and hiked a little. No stacks in practice and I was confident but I knew that is was very slow. Couple of hours of waiting around and my first run came. I had been watching and my googles had fogged slightly but just as I started to ride into the pipe with the visibility low and my googles totally fogged I couldn't even see where the pipe was, I did a good drop in and attempted my first hit which I later learned was pretty good for a blind women. On my 2nd hit I had no clue where I was and ended up face planting from the top of the lip it was a pretty funny stack and I recon i could send the footage into funniest home videos and win. My second run was so much better with borrowing my friend stephs googles and doing indy,melon,front 3, cab 3, nose, japan, front 3. I  was pretty happy but i knew I couldn't beat another girl who was doing cab 7s. All up it was a pretty good day and I'm glad I got my first comp over and done with.

Day off tomorrow,

love Alex xoxox

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