Monday, December 13, 2010

nothing special... just an awesome day at pipe!

Hey all,
What a day I have had, I went to copper today to ride pipe. I must say it was AWEESOMEEEEE!!! overly crowed but sooo awesome. I have always loved the copper pipe but now it is a 22ft pipe which makes it so much more fun. I wasn't always so enthused. I started the day off with an hour and a half trip to copper then I had to go get my copper pass. My hopes were high until I looked at the top of the pipe. There was legit 100 people at the top of the pipe waiting for there go, about 30 coaches at the bottom of the pipe and around 50 bi-standers along the pipe. I had forgotten, that it was Rev tour the next day and that it was a training session today. So I got my pass, Got on the chairlift and headed up to a perfect pipe! It was that hectic at the top of the pipe and I was literally nearly in tears on how hectic it was and how scared I was i was going to hurt myself. I was sooo scared I was thinking about skipping pipe and going home. I pushed through and did my first run. Not going in with much speed and getting air on my 3rd hit( not much but enough to get me excited) By the bottom of the run I had a smile from ear to ear , realising how much I love pipe . It wasn't long till I was back up the top waiting in the hectic line for another thrill. The day went on and I started getting bigger and bigger and getting help from my future coach ben boyd and Pat davis-meehan was helping me out aswell. The day went on and I had only did about 4 runs because of the massive lineup at the top of pipe. It was nearing lunchtime and I was getting pretty tired and I had only hiked once and was ready to hike again . I tried to jump out of the pipe early so I didn't have to hike as far... wrong decision. I fell out of the pipe and rolled a good 10 metres hit my head and almost took a skiier out. That was the end of my training I did another lap And did a bad run through pipe then went down and ate some food... exciting day and now i'm at home chilling out with the rest of the team who had a fun day at breckenridge.

updates tomorrow :)
lots and lots of love Alex

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