Thursday, December 16, 2010

best day so far!

hey guys , I thought i'd write a post before I fell asleep!!
Today was soooo good.. it was a picture perfect day with not a cloud in the sky and the sun was a bright as ever! I started the day good with hitting all 3 top jumps at parklane, breck .. then the bottom 3 but only missing out on the last jump. This was great for me no pain and back into big jumps again. I started trying 180s on the side run by 3rd or 4th run just to help me get my feet back and by the 5th run I was doing cab 180s off the 1st jump at parklane. This was soo exciting for me but by this time it was 12 and I had forgotten lunch and also forgot my card  and was pretty stoke with my morning efforts. So i decided to call the day with a couple of others cause I didn't want to push my limits. We went home had some lunch, got ready and went into breck. We walked around , got a coffee ( stupid steph .. I now like coffee) and went looking for nice jackets for me, and heath ,steph and michaela had other things to buy. I ended up buying a really nice jacket I can wear out at home and here. SOOO warm and soo nice , I also bought a breck jumper I had my eyes on last season but forgot to buy it.. By the time I had them and was very satisfied we kepted shopping and I was at the point of exhaustion. It's now 6pm and I'm very ready for bed! Just have to wait for dinner then I'm off to bed.

Had the best day was sooo great!

night night Alex xx

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