Wednesday, December 8, 2010

keystone fun :)

Hey Hey guys,
Another awesome day but at Keystone this time :)
Seeing I can't do jumps I spent my day doing some work on my riding skills ( switch ) just for mum who loves to nag me about it ( much love mummy)
We then went to the park and I did a couple of laps getting my feet back on rails . boxes and i was also trying some 180s on the rollers. The day went on and a couple of us hiked a box and started learning new tricks . I've almost got mine I was learning how to swivel. We then went for lunch and came back out which i was debating on whether to go riding again or go to woodward ... lucky i chose riding again cause we did a bit more on the rails and then headed over to the quarter pipe where i began to learn hand plants.. SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!  such a cool trick to .. I have almost got them but I keep putting 2 hands down instead of 1 and i'm also a metre from the coping . I hope i can try them tomorrow some how. I have some photos ill put up off my last attempt of my handplant and a picture of me learning my swiveling on the small box ...


love alex :)

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