Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hey guys,
epic 2nd day today.. I don't think there is words to describe how awesome it was!!!!!
Waist deep , dry powder , 1st tracks for about ALL day!!! and snowing  ALL day...
We went and got first tracks on a couple of steep tree runs then went up to a high bowl and waited half an hour to get on the lift. It was pretty much spot the pro it was soooo good . There was scotty Lago, Jack mitrani, Kazuhiro Kokubo and that many others waiting in line with us and finally there was the scramble to get 1st lifts. Scotty Lago is actually one of my favourite riders so I was pretty gob smacked.
All up we Rode till about 12:30 and came home then michaela  and I went on a bit of an adventure in our backyard acting all silly and getting some funny footage.. we will make a tiny edit tonight and put it up should be pretty funny!

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