Sunday, December 12, 2010

love days off

hey everyone,
sorry i've been a bit slack with the blogging lately but there wasn't much to blog since last time.
Yesterday we had day off and I went to watch the Grand Prix. It was sooooo awesome but I had to leave at 10 by myself catching the bus all the way to copper seeing I am the only one in my team to be bothered to go watch pro's on my day off. It was sooooo cold and i only stayed 2 hours then went to silverthorne with steph and met up with the rest of my team. I didn't buy anything though Today I had another day off cause I was completely dead from the grand prix because walking the whole pipe and falling down a trillion times in powder takes sooo much energy. Today was spent well with a small sleep in then movies and games with the rest of the kids who stayed home. Off to the gym I went and we did some simple stuff that would have been easy for me but I absolutley died which shows me how altitude and being so unfit can affect you with mega wheezing and alot of motivation by myself to keep going. We then came home to some food and a hot tub and soon off to bed to read my school book 'to kill a mocking bird' greatfully given to me by my godmother christine :)

tommorrow i'm off to copper for my first pipe riding since i broke my back.. I'm not going to lie i'm superrrrr excited and I'm starting to train for my 1st comp which is in 2 weeks which I may or may not go in just for the experience seeing i'm still in recovery

thanks for all looking at my blog :)

love alex xoxox

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